You are enough!

You are an inspiration!

I know you’re thinking who knows me? Who am I? I’m just a nobody! What am I doing that is so special? Nobody cares about me. I’m invincible. No one sees me. Stop right there! You are busy doubting yourself while others are intimidated by your full potential. You are an inspiration! You are iconic! You are magical! You are unique! You are the best version of yourself. The original! The masterpiece! While you are thinking you are not enough, trust me, other people are intimidated just by you. You have no idea how much work you’re putting into what you’re doing. While you might be doubting yourself. Someone else is admiring your strength. Today I am giving you your flowers because you deserve them. You are an inspiration and I want to stop doubting yourself. Look into the mirror today and tell me what you see. Let me know in the comment section. I want to know what you see whenever you look in the mirror.

The world would be quite different if we spent a little more time listening and, comprehending and a little less time judging the things we don’t understand - Dean Thomas.
No more negative self-talk. You are doing amazing! You’ve been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try accepting yourself and see what happens.

Celebrate YOU today.

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